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New developments i.e. more notes

Severed infected limbs.
- Slightly radioactive until the limb died.
- What method is keeping the limb alive must not be the virus but alteration from the body controlled by... the brain?

Mice trials...
Mice injected with live viruses.
Quick progression to zombie state.
Some helped by antibiotics. No disease progression. Others disease progression.
Genetic comparison between antibiotic saved and dead.
- Need Electrophoresis (Talk to E.)
Resistance possibilities in genetics?
Trace radiation in the genetics of live viral specimens. How does it spread through living tissues?

Test mice who had antibiotics and survived to see if they now have immunity after exposure. Also breed to see if their offspring have immunity at adulthood.

Mr. M doing well. Proof of infection being stopped by tourniquet.
blood flow seems to be the carrier. (re. Mr. M and mice)

Virus must jump blood/brain or blood/spinal barrier... unless it is also in the neural tissue of the peripheral nervous system. Review this as well.

Begin observing wildlife for infected ratios. What is being infected. Check for insect vectors.
Are others besides mammals.. birds. Particularly vultures, crows or other carrion eaters of the non-mammal variety.