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Name: Gloria Kenison
Profession: First Year Science Phd Student Pleasant University

**Character Sheet**
Vital Statistics

Height: 5' 05” - Weight: 135 lbs - Eyes: Brown - Hair: Dark Brown Age: 25

Life Points: 45 (30+15 from quality)

Drama Points: 22

Experience Points: 0

Citizenship: 2


Strength: 2

Dexterity: 3

Constitution: 2

Intelligence: 4

Perception: 3

Willpower: 3

Eidetic Memory(Photographic Memory): +2 (+1 for memorizing facts)

Nerves of Steel: +3

Situational Awareness: +2 (+2 Perception in danger)

Nerd: 3 (+2 attribute, +2 Skill)

Fast Reaction Time: 2 (+5 initiative where applicable, +1 Willpower to resist fear)

Hard to Kill: 5 (+15 life pool, +5 Survival test bonus)

Attractiveness: 2

Mysterious Connection: 1 (???)

Fear of Rejection: -1

Honorable (Serious-Doctor's Code): -2

Minority (Female): -1

Resources (Below Average): -2 (approx. 5,000 in property; 1,500 a month)

Outcast: -2

Misfit: -2

Acrobatics: 1

Art: 1

Computers: 1


Doctor: 2 (+1 banked point)

Driving: 2

Getting Medieval: 1

Gun Fu:


Knowledge: 4

Kung Fu:

Languages: 1 (German)

Mr. Ms. Fix-It: 2

Notice: 3


Science: 4 (+1 Banked point)


Gloria went to college for science specializing in biology in Undergraduate much to the dismay of her parents who believe women should not be in science. She feigned that she was planning on being a nurse but her true desire was to be a researcher. Despite all of her deception her father discovered her plans and has not spoken to her in several years. While studying she was lucky enough to fall under the wing of a professor who did not believe, as most did, that science was the realm of only men. He has been a great help to her while attending school, especially dealing with the social stigma of being a female in the sciences. She is fascinated with technological advances and is currently working on a Phd in medicine with a focus on improving hospital conditions and diagnosis procedures. While focusing on medicine in her schooling she has become interested in many other topics, including radiation, after the publishing of Madame Curie's work.

She is staunchly opposed to and outspoken against bias and treatment of people as second class due to race or gender. If she didn't spend most of her time in a lab or doing research she would be a social feminist and activist for civil rights. She is very patient, determined and curious. She doesn't really believe in violence or war and prefers to help others or diffuse a situation when possible. However, she is used to fighting to be even listened to let alone taken seriously. She doesn't often back down when she feels she is in the right.

Though she can appear to be a very gentle woman most of the time she is quickly moved to emotion/anger/dissatisfaction when she feels she has not been taken seriously. She can be very easy to irritate when her ability is questioned. Gloria is often very femininely dressed and feels it brings her comfort and confidence.

Gloria lives in an apartment she shares with her lab assistant Judith. They often pool money to get by and while not starving they do both live the lifestyle of mostly broke college students.

Key to the local Pleasant University laboratory facilities.

Old Pale Blue Dodge Coronet

Laboratory equipment (Shared at the university)

Collection of books, text books and science journals

Fairly extensive first aid and lab kit

Various utensils common to the life of a college student studying science
NPC Relationship:

Judith Greene is Gloria's lab assistant. She is an African American undergraduate at the university whom Gloria fought tooth and nail to be allowed to apply and attend. She saw her as something of a misfit like herself. They met while volunteering at the hospital and quickly became solid friends, now they are more like sisters. Judith is soft spoken, diligent and shy.

Note: Gloria uses Jessica Raine for images and Judith uses Dorothy Dandridge.


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